Infrastructure On Demand

Infrastructure On Demand

Tired of spending hours trying to figure out Microsoft products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.? Wish you had a savvy admin on staff but can’t justify a full or part time employee? We’ve got you covered!

office 2With our “Infrastructure On Demand” Plans you can now have support for document editing, letter drafting, spread sheets, PowerPoint presentations and the list goes on. Our plans start at $199.00 / month and can be modified accordingly to meet your needs. We can also help you set-up additional automated infrastructure systems for you company to fine tune your overhead cost.

We are here to let you do what you do best and make you look like a company with the same support as a medium to large company.

All clients get free support for there computer and all services through our Remote Assist. Just call customer service 10:00 am to 4:00 Monday thru Friday. Once you have support on the phone we will give you a session ID codeRed Arrow to the right so we can connect with each others computer. This is a great way to have clients to get a feel when building a website or first hand training.

Starting At

Customs Plans Available
Monthly and annual prepaid plans available
We offer a fee based plans to off set the cost of staffing people with targeted expertise in Microsoft and Adobe software for documents, spreed sheets and PowerPoint.


Remote Access