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Why is Mobile good for you.

Mobile - Gbrill 250Smartphones and tablets are quickly changing the way people communicate and make purchasing decisions. Because of new mobile technologies, businesses need to make sure their business is prepared for the future of mobile technology. By creating a mobile website, businesses can reach more people and increase their website traffic.

With 55 percent of all searches being from a mobile device, it’s essential to make sure your website is optimized for the mobile web. If you haven’t created a mobile website for your business, here are five reasons why mobile websites are important for business and traffic:

  • Improved customer experience.

Mobile websites are one of the best ways to create happy customers. According to a study by Salesforce, 54 percent of consumers say it’s easier to find information on mobile-optimized websites.

Mobile websites are designed to be open on small screens such as smartphones and tablets. These designs make it easier for customers to navigate your website without having to wait for the webpage to load or drag web pages around to make them fit smaller screens.

  • Mobile - Trans 250Faster website.

When consumers are searching for information from their smartphone or tablet, they want to find information as quickly as possible. By creating a mobile website for your business, you’ll make it faster for customers to access your website.

According to Salesforce, 67 percent of consumers say mobile websites run more quickly. This is especially important if you want customers to make purchases from your website.

  • Advertise products from any location.

As a business, you want to reach your customers from any location. Whether they’re surfing the Internet from their tablets or are using their smartphones on their morning commute, you want to make it possible advertise to your customers at all times.

By creating a mobile website, customers will be able to open up your marketing emails and newsletters directly from their mobile devices. You’ll also be able to take advantage of mobile advertisements and gain exposure for your business online.

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  • Mobile - Limo 250Build more brand awareness online.

Businesses have to take advantage of a number of different marketing tactics to reach customers. Chances are, you’re probably using social media and content marketing to increase exposure of your business and products online.

When you create a mobile website, you’re able to share your content across any platform and customers can easily find your website through social media. This way, if you share links from your blog or website on Twitter and Facebook, people who access social media from their phones can easily view your content.

  • Take advantage of location services.

Another great feature of creating a mobile website is that you can take advantage of every feature mobile devices have to offer. By incorporating location services into your mobile website design, you’ll be able to stay in touch with your customers in real-time and encourage them to check into your business.

  • Mobile - Nolans 250Boost mobile search rankings.

Creating a mobile website for your business will help you increase your mobile search rankings. Since your content will be optimized for mobile devices, you’ll reach more consumers who are using the Internet on their mobile device. You’ll also be able to incorporate keywords into your website that mobile users will be using. This way, you’ll make your website more accessible to consumers who are performing searches on the go.


As mobile devices continue to develop and advance their capabilities, businesses will want to create mobile-optimized websites. Especially if you want to reach more customers and drive traffic to your website, mobile websites can increase the reach and improve the accessibility of your business.