Social & PPC Marketing

Social & PPC Marketing

Traditionallylogo 1 google has been the go to marketing plate form for some time. And now with the exposition of the social networks, there is a not necessarily new but in some instances, a more cost effective way to promote your business to a targeted audience. Google will always have a good position in the PPC “Pay Per Click” market. But with Facebook, Instagram, and even business platforms like LinkedIn you can really target your business opportunities even better.


With Facebook, we create a advertisement from scratch, and prepare it for posting to a targeted audience, and then create a custom made landing page in your website. By done this, it gives you 2 of many advantages.

  1. By clicking the ad we are driving traffic to your website which helps in your rankings,
  2. Creating a high likely-hood of developing a new client.

Starting At

Customs Plans Available
Monthly and annual prepaid plans available

Starting Plans For Social Marketing Include:

  • Dash board and management set-up
  • 1 custom made ad per month linked to a landing page in your website per month. (optional custom made ad’s for additional fee)
  • Custom made landing page in your website every 2 months. (optional landing pages for additional fee)
  • Bi-weekly monitoring of ad for evaluation.
  • Performance updates bi-monthly

None Social Marketing Upon Request:

  • Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.