Website Calendar Solutions Integrated with Facebook and Eventbrite

Giving Small Venues A Big Presents

We confidently assure you that the outcomes will greatly surpass the investment.

The Event Premium and the Events Calendar:

Installation will improve your customer experience and boost attendance at your event. High Sierra brings proven techniques that can only be learned through real-time experience.

Facebook and Eventbrite:

High Sierra offers a powerful solution. We seamlessly integrate Facebook and Eventbrite with your website calendar and employ expert optimizations to ensure that the integration works to your advantage. The result? Your outcomes can potentially be doubled or significantly improved.

Posting Service and Art Dept:

Do you have a busy business that needs artwork for events, both digital and printable? High Sierra has the perfect solution! We can create awesome artwork for your events, and it won’t cost you much at all. Plus, it saves you a ton of time!

Ask About Free Chatbot and Support:

Picture this: a special chatbot on your website that works around the clock, 24/7, to tell people all the great things about you and your business. It’s like having a salesperson that never takes a break!

The Events Calendar: Seamlessly Plan and Manage Your Events

Plan and your events with this powerful plugin

The Events Calendar. Never miss a beat with event scheduling. Create, organize, and manage events with ease using our intuitive interface. From Special events to Concerts, Karaoke Nights, stay in control and deliver unforgettable experiences. Two options: one-time assistance with no ongoing support or full ongoing support.

Maximize Reach and Engagement with Facebook Integration

Amplify your event’s reach and engagement by integrating the Events Calendar with Facebook.

Our WP Facebook Plugin enables you to seamlessly share event details, generate buzz, and track RSVPs directly on the world’s largest social media platform. Leverage the power of Facebook to expand your audience and drive attendance to new heights. Two options: one-time assistance with no ongoing support or full ongoing support.

Eventbrite’s powerful ticketing and marketing tools, your events receive increased exposure.

When publishing an event on Eventbrite, it becomes part of their extensive event listing and discovery system. Eventbrite actively promotes events to its user base, making them searchable and discoverable on their website and apps. Two options: one-time assistance with no ongoing support or full ongoing support.

HSWH provides busy business owners with unlimited management, hosting, content editing, and image editing services. With our comprehensive support, you can enjoy a hands-free experience, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business without worrying about website management.

HSWH provides busy business owners with a range of unlimited services, including management, content editing, image editing, and additional features like The Events Calendar, Facebook and Eventbrite integration, with full remote and phone support.

With comprehensive assistance, enjoy a hands-free experience, focusing on essential aspects of your business without website management worries.

HSWH, specializes in creating high-quality, engaging social media posts tailored to your brand and audience.

HSWH schedules them at optimal times for maximum visibility and impact. With our subscription options, you can enjoy hassle-free Facebook post creation and scheduling. Whether you provide ready-to-go artwork or trust the experience of HSWH to craft compelling visuals, we’ve got you covered.

Chat GPT Installation and Support
Chat GPT Installation and Support

Free To All Clients

Transform your nightclub, bar, entertainment venue website into a powerhouse of engagement and sales promotion with Chat GPT from High Sierra Websites and Hosting. Experience a remarkable boost in customer interaction and achieve unparalleled business success. Unlock the potential of AI-powered chatbots to captivate your audience and redefine their nightlife experience.

At High Sierra Websites and Hosting, we take pride in providing exceptional service to all our clients. That’s why we offer FREE remote support to ensure that our clients receive the assistance they need promptly and conveniently. With our free remote support service, you can count on our expert team to address any questions, concerns, or technical issues you may encounter.

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