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The Events Calendar Plugin” is a comprehensive tool that can help bar, club, and music hall owners manage their events, promotions, and schedules effectively and efficiently. By using this plugin, owners can increase their online presence, attract more customers, and boost their business’s success.

Website Calendar Solutions Integrated with Facebook and Eventbrite

Experience an instant attendance boost with our professionally installed website events calendar, seamlessly integrated with Local Facebook Social and Eventbrite. We guarantee rapid results, ensuring more attendees for your events. Say goodbye to low turnout and hello to packed venues.

Dynamic Events Showcase: The Events Calendar will create a visually appealing and interactive showcase of all your upcoming events, making it easy for your audience to explore and stay informed about the latest happenings at your venue.

User-Friendly Interface: The installation ensures a user-friendly interface, making it effortless for your visitors to browse and access event details, dates, and additional information with ease.

Enhanced Event Visibility: With The Events Calendar, your events will be more visible to potential attendees, attracting a broader audience and increasing attendance for your nightclub, bar, or hospitality business.

Seamless Integration: The Events Calendar will seamlessly integrate with your website’s design and theme, providing a cohesive and consistent brand experience for your visitors.

Simplified Event Management: Managing events becomes a breeze with The Events Calendar. You can easily add, edit, and organize your events, keeping your calendar up-to-date and accurate.

Social Sharing and Promotion: The Events Calendar offers built-in social sharing options, allowing your visitors to share event details on their social media platforms, further promoting your events and increasing their reach.

Customization Options: High Sierra Websites and Hosting can customize The Events Calendar to match your branding and design preferences, ensuring it complements the overall look and feel of your website.

Responsive Design: The Events Calendar is responsive, meaning it will adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices, providing an optimal viewing experience for your website visitors.

Optimized Performance: Our team will ensure that The Events Calendar is properly configured and optimized for optimal performance, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience for your visitors.

Continuous Support: After installation, High Sierra Websites and Hosting will continue to provide ongoing support and assistance for any questions or technical issues related to The Events Calendar, ensuring that your online event management remains hassle-free.

The Events Calandar Cost

The Events Calendar (free version)
The Events Calendar Pro (premium version)
Monthly Fee
Unlimited Updates

Installation And Management

The Events Calendar is a WordPress plugin that provides a comprehensive solution for managing and displaying events on a website. The plugin offers a range of features and functionalities designed to make it easy for website/business owners to create and manage events, and for users to find and attend events that interest them.

Some of the key features of The Events Calendar include:

  • Creating events with customizable details such as date, time, location, tickets, registration, and RSVP.
  • Managing recurring events and multiple event categories and tags.
  • Displaying events on a customizable calendar grid or list view.
  • Allowing users to filter and search for events based on various criteria such as category, date, location, and keyword.
  • Integrating with other tools and services such as Google Maps, social media platforms, and email marketing tools.
  • Providing customizable design options and templates to match the look and feel of the website.
  • Offering mobile-responsive design for optimal viewing on various devices.

Fedral Holidays included (starts 1.1.2024):

  • New Year’s Day January 1
  • Martin Luther King’s Birthday 3rd Monday in January
  • Washington’s Birthday 3rd Monday in February
  • Memorial Day last Monday in May
  • Juneteenth National Independence Day June 19
  • Independence Day July 4
  • Labor Day 1st Monday in September
  • Columbus Day 2nd Monday in October
  • Veterans’ Day November 11
  • Thanksgiving Day 4th Thursday in November
  • Christmas Day December 25



    The Events Calendar Pro

    Overall, The Events Calendar is a powerful tool that can greatly enhance the user experience of a website by providing a centralized hub for all event-related information and making it easy for users to discover and attend events that interest them.

    *All services, software, plugins, and extensions used during the subscription agreement are usually governed by agreements with High Sierra Websites And Hosting (HSWH), with the exception of website sales that don’t involve premium software. This means that the rights to use these services and tools are typically owned by HSWH or the provider, and are made available to users through a subscription agreement.

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