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Real Estate Agents have a few choices to make with regards to choosing a website style. We can advise which could fit your needs, but ultimately, it is what ever you would like. The MLS page links that are setup are the main pages available on standard websites. Reach out to us and we can discuss the many options. Ihomefinder would be a good basic plugin to go by.


If you are a Broker with an independent team there are several good platforms that can be integrated with your Metrolist Broker account. Platforms like Ihomefinder are currently available in your MLS account plus a WordPress Plugin is also available. Or, you could use a third-party platform like PropertyMinder. Reach out to us and we can go over what is required.


Real Estate franchises, Remax, Keller Williams, Berkshire Hathaway, all have in house turnkey websites, along with all the bells a whistle that a MLS account has. And they do offer in house support to help you through the setup. But not all people have the time a patience to do everything. We offer a subscription service to free up your time. We can talk about that if you wish and it makes sense.

Real Estate Marketing

The Real Estate business is a little different. Market trends seem to have a big impact on marketing decisions. It can be a hard business to move forward with quickly as it is close to being self-employed. The reason why I say close is because, there are industry guideline of rules to follow with overhead listing fees that a broker charges along with E&O insurance. Completely self-employed means you set the rules and guidelines of business along with the overhead. Almost all entry level agents struggle and must hold a second job until they build up a cliental base over years, following a selling cycle over the agent’s lifetime. A client can be expected to purchase on average over a 40-year period is about 2 to 4 homes. These numbers change, depending on geographic and economics during that period. Chances are, the first 10 years of an agent’s careers life is holding down a second source of income to maintain the 10-year investment into the Real Estate business. It will pay dividends after the 10-year investment.

Technology Tools have advanced, and has made available, software and tools that are a must in the competitive nature of the Real Estate business. With platforms and tools like Metrolist Prospector, CRM, CMA, etc., it would be well advised to take some classes as the Real Estate industry is tech heavy. The good part is that technology has been around long enough that most entry level agents are pretty tech savvy and should reflect in their presentations to potential buyers and sellers. If not, there are plenty of educational classes out there and online to help. It creates a comfort level between agent and client. A more professional and seasoned felling is the comforting factor. Never try and over state one’s qualifications. Try and surround yourself with seasoned professionals. You may even pick up a client this way.

Leads and clients in an already crowded industry is a major hurdle at the beginning. Hard work and investing into yourself seem to offer the best results. There is no magic pill. There are a huge number of successful agents and brokers out there, and you ask them what formula best worked for them, almost all of them said hard work, long hours and no spare time. If you think that your website is going to set the world on fire you are wrong. It is merely a tool to display your skills, register your client and monitor their action and use your site as a search tool for researching property interests. Staying home and playing the waiting game is not doing all you can do. Get out and socialize. Meet new people and network without being obvious or desperate. Leave nothing in the tank. Be the best you can be to maintain that profession, even if you must hold a second job for a while. It will pay off. Be a over achiever.

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