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Websites Setup and Support


Websites Setup and Support

Online Restaurant Services


Websites Setup Support

Bar | Night Club | Music Venue


Website Changes

On going image and campaign updates including custom art imagery to create the wow effect. Website and plugin updates

Events Page

Calendar plugins have to be maintained. Events have to be entered so it is searchable and marketable.

Ticket Platforms

Paid special events need online third party ticketing platforms

Media Services

Professional advertisement Posts are created for online use.

Menu and POS Systems

We can use a number of cost effective third party platforms including, Intuit, Square etc. integrate with the website as a all in one ordering service.

Delivery Service Integration

Our clients have a choice of options. We have our own Website Order System that is cost effective.

Restaurant Menus

Website and Printable


one time setup fee

  • One time fee includes 1 month unlimited menu editing
  • All menus are printable direct from website and can be emailed  for hard copy printing.

Unlimited Editing

1 Month: $90

6 Month’s: $45/month

Annual: $30

Website POS System

Website Direct – No Redirect


one time setup fee

  • One time fee includes 1 month unlimited menu editing
  • Delivery 3rd party integration: Postmates, Grubhub, DoorDash. Third party fee could be incurred like using Chowly for ezample. Depends on POS selection.

Unlimited POS Editing

1 Month: $90

6 Month’s: $45/month

Annual: $30

Mobile Imaging

Responsive Mobile


20 Custom Images

  • When creating websites the user experience is really important. How images and content are viewed is important when maintaining the viewers attention. Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile. If a user does not find images and content direct and relevent, they leave. That is a bounce.

Images do not have to be used all at once. This is just how we offer this service.

Media Ad Support

2 Options

All Custom Made Work


1 Ad $50 Month

2 Ads $90 Month

All Inclusive

Submit Everything To One Place


Media Ad Support Promos

Great For Social Postings & Website Promos

Custom Mobile Imaging

Creating A Great User Experience

Direct Website Ordering

Full Integration To Grubhub Doordash Postmates

Restaurant • Menu

Website and Printable



Hospitality Services Marketing

Clubs, Music Venues and Restaurants are best focused on social marketing like Facebook. Ratings are key. Maintaining the best quality user experience for the tools that you have. And showing hi level’s hospitality will go a long way. Maintaining a hi rating with Google, Facebook, Yelp can have a great impact on your business. Good business can lead to good reviews. Try not to push review postings to clients especially with Yelp. Let people post reviews naturally. Wanting to give you a review without asking is always best.

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